Its not all weddings you know…

Most of our weekends are filled to the brim with lovely wedding stuff – sorry husband – but occasionally we do get swept up in other celebrations…. and special birthdays are probably our second favourite thing to flower

I was so honoured to provide some flowers for a surprise birthday party arranged for the lovely Julie Michaelsen a wonderfully sensitive and creative photographer with a great eye…well, two actually

I was slightly worried that I hadn’t made enough vases but when we started to place them out on the very long table in the Queens Room upstairs at Bumpkin Notting Hill, I did begin to wonder if there would be room for any food or drink! But apparently there was enough for a very good night to be had by all – HB Julie xx

Pretty in Pink

Seeing as it is that time of year again … the time when florists around the world work their little hands to the bone creating and fashioning flowery things for lovers all over … I thought I would share with you a couple of images from a shoot we did last year with the lovely Charlotte Wilden which was shot to perfection by the talented Ms Crissi Rossi

To top it all, we only went and got it featured on the fab Rock n Roll Bride !! Let me know what you think?

Jubilee Wedding revisited…..

No, you aren’t experiencing déjà vu! Yes, we have blogged this wedding before but have recently received new photos from Dianna and Rowland’s fantastic photographer, Aneta Mak.

This was a truly gorgeous wedding and you can now appreciate it in all its glory via Aneta’s lovely photographs. It was a frantic day, installing at 4am to avoid the closing down of the bridges and road surrounding the Queen’s Jubilee Pageant but we made it and the bride and groom were very pleased Read more here.